Screws Buying Guide

Screws Buying Guide

For fixing things, general maintenance, a routine repair, or a professional task, screws make the most common part of the toolbox. Despite that, very few are successful to pick the right type of screw on the basis of the requirement. To a layman, every screw looks perfect until it gets bent or scratches the surface off. If you are set to buy a box of different types of screws and later try each one to see which one works, we have a better way for you. Take a look at the most common types of screws we have compiled here, and you might fetch some idea about which one you are looking for?

Most common Screw-types

Screws are round, flat, oval, and pan in shape, and are used for different purposes. On the basis of material used for their make, there are below type of screws generally found in the market.

  1. Wood Screws
  2. Sheet Metal Screws
  3. Masonry Screws
  4. Drywall Screws
  5. Galvanized Screws

Wood Screws

As the name suggests, they are ideally created in a way that makes them useful for fitting furniture pieces together. They are reliable to be used for joining bigger wood-blocks, and are usually untapered. They have an ideal edge at the end to let the screw slide inside easily.

Sheet Metal Screws

Again, as the name suggest, these screws are used for piercing metallic surfaces. The difference between this type of screw and the wood screw is that the sheet-metal screw is completely threaded from head to toe. An added feature of this kind of screws is that, these could be used for fixing wood, but wood screws could not be used for fixing metals.

Masonry Screws

For the purpose for using screws on bricks and concrete, masonry screws are majorly used. Installation or use of these screws is unlike most of the other screws, as they need a drill to make a hole first and then a hammer to fix them in. They are larger in size as compared to most of the other types of screws.

Drywall Screws

For keeping the drywalls in place with the metal surface or wood they are attached to, such screws are used. They are strong enough to hold such a tough job, and could be drilled strongly inside with the use of a drill. They are designed in such a manner that their curvy structure doesn’t spoil the surface of the drywall while they are punched in.

Galvanized Screws

Such screws are galvanized through electrolysis to make a coating around the screw that it prevents the screw from any rusting or corrosion. They are popularly used in the outdoor tasks.

Quick Tips for buying screws

If it’s getting difficult for you to decide which one is needed, identify the location where the screw would be used. If it’s exterior, some of the above choices would cut-off making it easy for you to decide. Also, by looking at the surface where the screw would be used, your next step of deciding gets easy. Again, ensure that the size of the screw is at least double the space it’s going in. And finally, check if you have the drilling devices or not.

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