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Kitchen Cabinet Materials

Kitchen Cabinet Materials

After you have decided about the basic design of the kitchen cabinet you want to pick, material comes as the second most significant thing for you to look at. If you go about searching for the various types of materials, you would find numerous types. We have compiled a precise list of most-used material for constructing the kitchen cabinets, categorized under wood, laminate, or metal.


Most of the cabinets are made from wood, and one finds a lot of wood-types. Wood cabinets are strong, durable, and give a great vintage look to the modern designs. Wood, while making cabinets, might be joined or used as a solid wood.

There is solid wood, which is homogenous in nature, and then there is MDF (medium density fiberboard), which is made up of fibers joined together through pressure and is known to give a finer texture to the cabinet.

There are oaks that are strong and reliable, and come in red and white. Among the two types of oak wood, while the red gives a grainy look to the exteriors, the white one is a stronger counterpart. If someone likes the artistic look of the historical times, the white oak looks best, while for traditional cabinets used for regular usage, red oak serves best.

Also, there is pine. Its soft wood, but it is still commonly used for making cabinets. Although, it dents easier than the other hard woods, the foresty look it gives to the kitchen puts it in the designer’s demand-list.

Like that, wood consists of hickory, cherry-wood, birch, and ash, which are also popularly used for making cabinets.


A laminate includes a paper pasted to the cabinet material, covered with plastic for giving either design to the cabinet, or long protect it. If ones wish to re-do the kitchen with new designs and patterns, laminates come in endless options. Although, one disadvantage to this type of material is that they are prone to getting scratched more than the other solid material-types.

In case of thermofoil, a vinyl film is applied to the plywood or MDF using heat and pressure. A thermo foil gives a better and minute detail to the cabinet as compared to the lamination that would cover the wood completely. Also, thermofoils are lesser prone to getting chipped-off or scratched.


Metal cabinetry isn’t as prevalent as wood cabinetry, but it is also one of the material options. Ideally, it’s used for either giving a consistent look to the kitchen by making shining metallic cabinets, or sometimes to cover the wood cabinet for a different look. Hence, change in look is the primary reason for using metal for making cabinets. Although, metals are strong and durable, but steel, which is the majorly used metal for cabinet-making, is prone to dents easily. Metals are used for either constructing the entire cabinet, or sometimes to cover only the door of the wooden cabinet. Apart from steel, iron is also used for making cabinets.

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