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How to Paint a Metal Door

How to Paint a Metal Door

If you are a DIY enthusiast, then painting a metal door can be one of your favorite tasks ever undertaken. Always keep in mind to hire a professional tradesmen if you are not sure about your DIY skills. Since the surface is different, this will not be the same as painting wooden doors, but that is not something to feel demoralized about. Like any other DIY project, the first step towards success of this is – preparation. Find below the directions for painting a metal door with ease:

  1. A door which is new will have no locks or knobs but for repainting an old door you will have to do the job yourself. Also remember to remove the door knockers and kick plates. If you have the door off the frame, then do away with the hinges too.
  2. Remove weather stripping.
  3. If there is window glazing, you will need to remove that as well. A single edge razor blade should be used for the purpose. Since glazing is a caulk-like substance which leaves residue, you need to clean the surface after removing it. Use mineral spirits or denatured alcohol for this purpose.
  4. Clean the door thoroughly for the paint to settle well. Water and a clean rag would do the job well. If it is very dirty then use a chemical de-glossing element, however not for latex finishes.
  5. Tape off areas where you don’t want the paint to hit once the door is dry.  Newspaper and brown papers should also be used along with tape to cover these areas.
  6. Auto body dent filler should be used to cover all dents. Allow the substance to dry well before starting the process of painting. Use an orbital sander to level the surface.
  7. A good primer chosen in discussion with the store owner of helper should be used. Factories apply primer on new doors; you might just need to retouch it. However, if you are changing the quality of paint from what was used earlier, you must prime the surface. Use oil-based primers for oil-based paints and so on.
  8. Finally, dip your roller in the paint bucket and start painting. When buying the rollers, you should ask the store manager to discuss your specific door and get a suggestion for the right size. First roll the paint on the door and then swiftly use straight brush strokes from the top to the bottom of the door for giving it a more professional look. Thus, you will have no signs of using a roller and also a smooth, even finish. Doors which have sculptures on them or those with panels must have each panel rolled and brushed before the rest of the door is painted.

Give adequate time for the paint to dry before you start installing the hardware. Give it a day for dry weathers and two for the wet ones.

How to Paint a Metal Door UK

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