About Color Paint Options

About Color Paint Options

Most homeowners and interior designers agree that the single most important aspect of home decoration is the smart and appropriate usage of color. Décor color does not just make a room appear new and fresh – it sets the mood of a space and creates the right ambience. The colors we pick for the different rooms in the house are important as it has a definite effect on how comfortable it is, and how suitable it would be for the purpose for which it was created.

Different Kinds of Tones

Before choosing a color, consider the room which you want to paint. Note its size and the mood you want to create there. Colors can basically be divided into two broad categories – soft hues such as the greens, blues, and yellows, purples and so on and warm tones such as browns, oranges, reds and the like. However, all these colors can be made to look warmer or cooler depending on the effect you want to create.

The usage of neutral colors is also very popular in home decor. This enables you to add accent colors in a wall or in the accessories, artwork or furnishings. Neutral shades help calm a room especially if it is a busy space or it is full of items.

Colors in Different Rooms

If you have a large room, it can look barren and empty. Paint it in warm shades to get a more cozy and inviting look. On the other hand, a small room might appear dingy. Splashes of a light shade on the walls will make it look more spacious and open.

You may want to create a stress-free, relaxing ambience in your bathroom with cool watery shades that remind you of the sea or nature. Your dining room can have an informal feel with lovely yellows, oranges and greens or a smart look (if you would be hosting your corporate guests frequently) with navy blue. Your bedroom can have some soft neutrals or if you are looking for something dramatic, go for reds and purples.

While painting the rooms, make sure the colors of the rooms flow into each other. To achieve a balanced look, you can choose one color for the entire house and then use it in different ways in every room. Every room can have a lighter or darker shade of the color. This is particularly helpful if the rooms open into one another. If you do not want to use one color, at least choose harmonious colors that blend with each other.

Determine What You Want

Before you start painting, spend some time in researching the color options. Find something that would go with your tastes and personality. You can browse through magazines for inspiration. Several digital painting tools are now available online that help you see how your rooms would look like when painted with the colors of your choice. It helps you explore the many possibilities with the different colors. You can then zero down on some options and go ahead with your project.

As you do up your walls with your favorite colors, watch how your space transforms into something visually appealing and welcoming.



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